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Helpful chart for anyone who is still thinks that reptiliaherp’s blood python is overweight. 

Spoiler Alert: he is not

Thank you guys
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Nótt is not a fan of going into her shedding cycle. She has made a habit of flipping her body over and laying in odd positions around the time it begins.

I walked into my room as could see her through the side of the tub. Apparently I just missed a hall-of-fame-hissy, because her hides and hygrometer were flipped, her moss strewn about, and she was waiting for me to draw her like a French girl.

Ughh this would be better than what my Ball Python, Barrel, does. He will not move for any reason from the time he goes into blue until he finally actually sheds. 

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Animals With Unusual Fur Markings [bp]

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Correndo para a mamãe [ Video ]


Correndo para a mamãe [ Video ]

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My beautiful gals.

Sunglow Motley Boa & Lesser Platinum Ball Python

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A whole snakepost because these are literally the only good ones I got of them. Kaylee was the best behaved… everyone else just wanted nothing to do with this xD

Snakes are not as well behaved as tarantulas or geckos. Nope.

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Pink Panther Line VPI Motley Boa Constrictor.
Produced by Perfect Predators.

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