My great-uncle has a farm out in Kansas, and kills all hognose snakes on sight because they dig holes that his tractor wheels get stuck in.

On a scale of 1 to ‘vaccines cause autism’, how big of a crock of shit is this?

obama being the antichrist

snakes measuring people up

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Found this little one when frog searching at my mums house.

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explodinghye asked: hello!! i've been wanting to own a ball python for a while now, but my main concern is that i smoke hookah tobacco in my room and i'd never want to give my pet a respiratory infection. would it be enough if i were to move my BP and its enclosure out of the room while i smoked, and then placed it back into my room once the smell/smoke is finished/cleared out? or does it need to be in a completely smoke-free environment?


I would absolutely advocate an entirely smoke-free environment.  From my experience as a non-smoker having lived briefly (and before snakes) with people who smoked a variety of things, the smoke doesn’t stay in one spot or go away.  You can move stuff around, shut doors, open windows, but there’s no real way to get away from it - it’s going to permeate everything in the surrounding environment, especially if you’re doing it regularly.  

Given that smoke and reptiles are a deadly mix, you’re going to have to ask yourself if it’s really worth the risk.  

I won’t allow anyone to smoke in my house at all no matter what they are smoking. Sorry friend I would say the only safe way to own a reptile and continue to smoke is to smoke outside or in a separate building, I wouldn’t chance it.

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Custom Mofs Now Available!
£108 GBP - $180 USD (+ P&P)

Mofs are six-limbed, cuddly and pretty darned adorable art dolls. They have resin heads, hands and feet that have been painted and varnished. Their bodies are sewn cuddlesoft and stuffed with fluff and a bit of steel shot so they have a realistic weight.

I can make a mof version of a real moth or butterfly, or do abstract wing designs, just let me know what you’d like and we’ll chat about it (completely obligation free)! My email address is, or via Etsy convo. 

Payment can either be 100% up front via the etsy listing or 50% in advance and 50% and shipping on completion. Turnaround is 7-10 days!

Some moffy feedback received in the past!

The quality is as beautiful as I expected; the sewing and painting are excellent and his eyes are so shiny and lifelike! I love how soft and squishable he is. I love arthropods and it’s rare to find artworks, especially dolls and plushes, that do them justice. Thank you so much!!”

"LOVE my custom mof! Maddy truly has a unique and one-of-a-kind gift, on top of being very friendly, informative, and willing to please. Everything about the transaction—from the order process, to shipping, to the final product—is top notch! I’ll definitely be ordering from her again in the future!"

"The super cute brown Mof doll arrived!! It’s so cuddly I can’t stand it!"

"Wow! wow! wow! He’s so soft and came packaged extremely well. I had fun opening the package to get to him. Just beautiful in every way. Flawlessly put together. The artist was understanding and a delight to talk to. Thank you so much Maddy. I will be back again!"

Magweno Art Dolls on Etsy

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this one goes out to you, amanda

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Reblog for awareness, y’all.

In case you needed to brush up on your understanding…

Please, everyone, I dont care who you are, please watch this it is VERY important and only a few minutes of your time.

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