Venomous vs poisonous! If this one’s too small, you can read it on my site here. The animals are: northern copperhead, cane toad, tiger keelback snake, hooded pitohui, northern short-tailed shrew.
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Venomous vs poisonous! If this one’s too small, you can read it on my site here. The animals are: northern copperhead, cane toad, tiger keelback snake, hooded pitohui, northern short-tailed shrew.

If you like my work, check out my Patreon, which is just $1.74 away from $200!

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My sister works in a pet store and she brought me home a molt from one of their tarantulas.

No joke, when I first saw it I thought she brought home a dead tarantula which would not have been cool, I freaked until she told me it was just a molt lol

So what do you guys do to preserve your T. baby’s molt for display? Does anyone do that or am I weird? lol I wanted to do something cool with it :)

Question mark?




If you have any more information on this, please contact the Wildlife Alert Hotline at 888-404-3922 or text !
Thank you all for sharing what this person did, that poor gopher tortoise deserves justice. Sadly, it did pass away.


For more information, please look at our previous posts on this animal abuse case.


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I may tweak this a bit, but I think this is finished enough for posting here. :)


Beyond beautiful!!! 

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I wanted to do something for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital because they do so much for children in need so this is the project: I’ve already uploaded a graphic to and 100% of the money received from the sale of this design in any of its forms will be donated to St. Jude! 

As an added incentive, when this project reaches $1,000 in donations I, TheMaggotPie, will shave my head and video it so it can be uploaded to Tumblr! Come on guys, don’t you want to see my bald self? 

Please Please reblog this! We can’t reach our goal without you guys! I’m also going to make a kickstarter so donations can be made to the cause directly, but for now I wanted to go ahead and start things off with the Bald and Beautiful design!

Stay tuned because I’ll post how much we’ve made throughout the fund raiser and I’ll post a link to the kickstarter as soon as I make one!

Lets do this guys and help out a great organization!!!

Here’s how you can find this design on Redbubble »

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Say goodbye to your pufferfish, triggerfish, tetras, corydoras, ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, hamsters, turtles, tortoises, salamanders, frogs, toads, and so much more if this list doesn’t change.

Because of this, I and some other people in the pet community here in WV are working together to get the word spread as much as possible. To do this, though, we need money, and money is something we have little of.

I’m raising money to help purchase items and services to gain awareness of the horrible pet ban draft which is a result of WV HB 4393 aka the Dangerous Animals Act here in West Virginia. A great way to combat this is through education, but I also want to spread word of the bill far and wide to make West Virginian citizens aware that their favorite pet could soon be illegal.

I’ve set up a GoFundMe to collect funds from anyone who would like to donate money towards fliers, a radio commercial, a TV ad, possibly tables at fairs or festivals, and money that may need to go towards renting a building to have an educational animal event to help spread awareness and convince people to send in comments during the public comment period. EVERY LITTLE BIT COUNTS!!!

You can donate as yourself or as a business. If you donate $100 as a business, you’ll get a small logo on the commercial. If you donate $200 as a business, you’ll get a large logo on the commercial. After you donate, email your logo to to have it included. Everyone will get their name or business name on a contributor list that will be online and printed physically on a sign that will be displayed at any events that may be held.

Don’t forget that you can donate any amount, not just what is listed as a reward level, by hitting the “DONATE” button.

As for helping without donating, the Public Comment Period will begin JULY 2, at which time you may voice your opinion and concerns to the committee for public record in relation to the animal ban list. Please stick to the facts and help to enlighten the committee as to why certain species and entire orders should not be on such a list.

  • Jerry B Jenkins WVDNR 304-558-2784
  • Nancy Sullivan WVDHHR 304-558-9998 -
  • Paul Johansen West Virginia Wildlife 304-558-2771 -
  • Jewell Plumley WV Dept of Agriculture 304-538-2397 or 304-558-2214 Cell 304-257-8973 -

"When contacting please be polite, and respectful to these individuals, they are only doing their jobs and trust they have been working with real "experts" to make these lists. They have indicated that they will be more than happy to hear any of our suggestions and data that we collect when the public comment period begins. When the time comes we will let you know, until then please gather as much real data and information that you can to defend your chosen pet(s) and get it ready to send in."(

I’ve been asking this a lot, but these are two really important ways you can help us here in WV:


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Sally’s babies will be two weeks old tomorrow! They have started their first molts today. Now they look more like their mom instead of squishy, little marshmallows.



Love for the sweet adorable little baby things!! <3 <3

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Please help! Rescue turtle information needed!!

Through my rescue we just received a female Eastern Box turtle who has a cracked shell, she was kept with a male and this is the breeding season so its possible she could be gravid. I would appreciate it if you guys could give me all the advice you can about providing a good environment for her to lay in captivity just in case she is with egg. I have experience with healing broken shells so I feel confident I can handle that part of the problem, but this is my first possibly gravid female and any info you can give me is appreciated. Thank you!